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kriya learning platform

Our Learning Philosophy

KRIYA is designed for mobile learning for the simple reason that the vast majority of people own a smartphone and only few possess a desktop. So how is mobile learning different from e-learning, which traditionally is accessed through a desktop computer?


 Mobile learners don't sit down and engage with your content for long periods. They use mobile phones when they are "in-between" tasks. They engage with their phones while they are in transit on the bus or train, waiting to get to their destination. They multitask, get distracted, and are frequently interrupted. 


All KRIYA learning is designed around a microlearning approach,  which is an educational strategy that breaks down learning into topical bite-sized chunks. Lessons are focused, using exciting multimedia, engaging and easy to digest, which makes it ideal for learning when and where we get the chance.

KRIYA's team of learning designers, videographers, video editors, and creative animators produce high quality media including animation, interactive practice videos, presenter videos and much much more. Learning has never been more exciting.

2D Animation

When it comes to learning about difficult subjects, 2D animation is a great way to explain complex ideas in a simple style.  Animation gives you the opportunity to explain what you need to a lot faster and more efficiently compared to text and images. When topics aren't interesting learners can easily lose interest very quickly, using animation to simplify abstract topics and explain concepts to audiences can help them find more interest in what is being taught to them.


  • Full service customisation from instructional design to scriptwriting and production.

  • Start from scratch or redesigning existing material for a mobile learning environment, adding a variety of mobile friendly learning activities.


  • KRIYA offers a library of high quality off-the-shelf courses, which are sold through our website and directly to organisations at a volume discount.

  • Generally pricing is on a participant basis and sold inclusive of platform access for a limited time period.

What Else We Do

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