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About Us

KRIYA is a digital learning agency with a dedicated platform for next-gen learning. We re-imagine the learning experience, allowing people to communicate, collaborate and learn like never before.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower people to become their best anywhere anytime.

Our Vision

Be Indonesia's go to learning community designed for everyone anywhere anytime.

Our Core Values


Content first but beauty matters. Beautiful layout, imagery and user interface is how we differentiate and create impact on the total user experience.


Innovation is our lifeblood whether in terms of technology, learning experience or user interface. We cultivate new and exciting ideas to continue to grow, improve and move forward.


We dare to take risks, do things differently and believe anything is possible. We encourage everyone to reach beyond boundaries, always confidently and knowingly but never rashly or without consideration.


We are about learning but not in the obvious ways. We see ourselves as those that inspire a passion for learning by creating opportunities for innovative and engaging learning experiences.


One of our highest priorities is to cultivate a sense of trust in the people we serve. We believe that commitment to consistency creating content that is accurate, relevant, engagingly, delivered and ultimately adds value to their lives, build trust.

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