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  • Learn at your own pace anywhere anytime.

  • Download lessons for off-line learning.

  • Assessment & certification options.

  • Personalized learning plans.

  • Individual dashboard.

kriya micro learning

5 mins on the MRT,
before that sales meeting,
waiting for your ride or
just before bed.

Micro learning breaks down learning into topical bite-sized chunks. Lessons are focused, engaging and easy to digest, which makes it ideal for learning when and where we get the chance.

Your first sales call
and you have gone blank!
What were the steps again?

Learning is available on-demand and can be accessed when you need it. As micro learning is short, it can be used to train an employee in a specific skill minutes before its application.

kriya micro learning
kriya online course
Kriya online platform
Kriya video production

KRIYA courses are short, practical and specifically designed for the busy professional to learn anywhere, anytime. The average course will take you 60 minutes to complete.

No internet connection at home? No problem, download your lessons for learning offline.

KRIYA courses are fun, engaging and visual, using a variety of media including video role play scenarios, practical demonstration videos, interactive practice videos, animation and much more.

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