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We have created a social learning app, which is a community hangout that only the organization's learners  get to join. 

Kriya Social enables people to share their knowledge with one another, through videos, photos, postings and discussion forums.


of practice

Hi guys, have you finished the assignment already?

What did you think about ___?

Did you understand___?

Kriya Social helps create community. Team members in various branches sharing ideas or follow-up to a course a group has attended in the form of discussions, sharing experiences, lessons learned and so on. In an education environment Kriya Social can be used to give assignments, tests and maintain a grade book.


on demand

If Kriya Lab contains the  organization's curated learning​, Kriya Social is the learning community where informal just-in-time learning takes place through user-generated content.  Managers communicate with their team about new products,  upload videos and conduct impromptu quizzes.

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Observation & assessment

Video your team's on-the-job performance and complete their assessment online using customizable templates.  Use both the video observation and assessment to coach and give performance feedback.

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Use the newsfeed feature to inform your community of relevant company news, new courses or interesting articles to read.  Complete the question bank so people can ask questions about certain topics or use the "ask the expert" option to directly connect with an expert in the app.



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