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MPO GO Golkar

Political Course and App

Client Brief &
Our Solution

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MPO, part of Indonesia's big party Golkar, aims to win votes in the 2024 election, especially from millennials and Gen Z. MPO intends to emphasize the branding of the Golkar Party in the public's mind, making it a familiar choice for the upcoming election.

To achieve these goals, MPO needs creative strategies that connect with young voters. That's where MPO GO comes in, teaching how to do political branding in today's tech-driven world.

We offer two courses to assist MPO's objectives.

Kekuatan Branding dalam Politik: Learn about political branding goals, how to build a political brand, and how to put Golkar's brand blueprint into action.

Personal Branding dalam Politik: Understand how people see Golkar and politicians, shaping the public's perception.

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