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The Power of Branding


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Brands are the most potent commercial and cultural force on the planet. Think McDonald’s, Apple, Manchester United, Google, or Gojek. How and why have they become so powerful?

Apa yang akan kamu dapatkan?

Lesson 1

Brands are powerful, and influential, and impact many aspects of our lives. In this lesson, we'll explore the role brands play in our everyday lives and the importance of branding in business marketing.

Lesson 2

Brands are powerful, influential, and most of all – valuable. This lesson will provide you with a roadmap to building and managing a successful brand.

Lesson 3

You will work on quiz about How Powerful Brand Works.

Lesson 4

In this lesson, we will breakdown exactly how you can create a personality for your brand to be different. Stand out and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Lesson 5

Your brand is what you stand for. While your logo, products, website, and even your digital marketing campaigns may change over the years, one thing must always remain the same: your brand values. In this lesson, we will address the process of identifying and defining brand values.

Lesson 6

You will work on quiz about Brand Personality and Brand Values Quiz.

Lesson 7

In this lesson, you will learn to define a unique value proposition and how to use it in marketing.

Lesson 8

You will do interactive practice on case studies about developing a powerful brand.

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