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Counseling at Work


IDR 599000

What will you get?

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  • 10 lessons (1h 45m)

  • Certificate

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Counselling is the greatest tool a manager can have to improve their employee’s performance and behaviour. Learn and apply the theory and techniques of counselling through this course.

What will you get?

Lesson 1

In this lesson, we will explore the reasons why employees don’t do what they’re supposed to do and how counselling can support employees in behavioural and performance change

Lesson 2

A key step in the counselling process is to clearly define the problem first before seeking a solution. So in this lesson, we learn 2 step approach: Get to the right problem and clearly define the problem.

Lesson 3

You will practice several case studies to measure your understanding of the previous lesson.

Lesson 4

As a manager or supervisor, it's part of your job to give feedback—both positive and negative—to your employees. In this lesson, you will learn how to give feedback effectively.

Lesson 5

Take a quiz to measure your understanding of the lesson you learned.

Lesson 6

Counselling is essentially about leading an employee from insight to action. In this lesson, you will learn how to prepare for effectively guiding this process.

Lesson 7

You will work on a case study quiz about Logical Consequence Practice.

Lesson 8

You will practice case studies about the discussion plan, which is an important part of the counselling toolkit.

Lesson 9

There are many different techniques that you can use when counselling team members. This lesson covers core communication practice skills and techniques that are the most effective during a counselling conversation.

Lesson 10

In this lesson, you will go through the steps to follow in your face-to-face discussion to give employees insight into their problems and guide them towards finding a solution.

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