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Innovative learning solutions  taking virtual engagement to a whole new level.


Twice as many people go online from a mobile device than from a computer or laptop.

According to UNESCO, twice as many people go online from a mobile device than from a computer or laptop. mLearning, or learning that takes place on mobile devices, can open up huge potentials to train people wherever they are. With mLearning, you can capture your employee's most important training in the palm of their hand.


In 2017, 47% of organizations used mobile devices for training, and that number is only increasing. A full 86% of employees already use their phone at work. The world of mLearning is only going to get bigger.

mLearning Solutions

KRIYA's expertise lies in the design of mLearning solutions, which is learning specifically designed for mobile and focused on one major benefit, accessibility. Mobile learning allows you to learn what you want,  wherever you want.  Because mobile learning is  "learning on the go" there are necessarily some differences with eLearning.


Microlearning offers small bite-sized learning units of usually not more than 10 minutes.  mLearning courses are bite-sized so learners can learn and complete a course anywhere, anytime.

Focused &

Mobile devices offer the learner many competing distractions, so courses are designed to maintain the learner's focus by keeping it simple, relevant and using a variety of learning activities from quizzes to animation and interactive videos.

Videos provide information that’s crisp, fast, and engaging, making it the most popular format of content consumption.  Mobile learning videos can be in many formats – text based, animations and interactive. 



Ready To Go

KRIYA offers many high quality off-the-shelf courses that may be customized to help your organization save time and money. 

Our courses include a variety of interaction types and learning activities, which can be customized to suit an organization's industry or context. 

No matter the scale of your requirements, our approach is designed to match the learning needs of your organisation.

All clients’ needs are different and we can create a perfectly tailored course to meet your needs.



From Scratch

We can customize our existing courses to meet your needs and if something completely original is required,  we’ll make a bespoke course for you from scratch.  

If you have courses that you want to revisit, we can do that too.  We  can redesign  the material for an mLearning environment, add lessons and a variety of mobile friendly learning activities.

When you choose this option, we will work with  you every step of the way, from initial concept meetings through to story boarding, agreeing learning outcomes, and creating content.



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