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Case Study


Product videos can have both a social video ad and a training purpose.  Gaps in product knowledge, in particular, among sales and service reps on the front lines can have the most direct impact on a company’s bottom line and even influence a company’s reputation. Knowledge sharing is often a big challenge for many reasons including scattered locations, high turnover and a consistent stream of new product launches.


Product videos can also have a marketing purpose and posted on social media whereby the target audience, duration and the style will determine, which social media platform would be most suitable.


We love translating your expertise into an engaging video script. Our creative team is expert in optimizing content for maximum impact in the video medium.  Together with the Inglot team, we created a visual experience that would be consistent across content and aligned with the Inglot brand.


Our collaboration with Inglot has resulted in a series of videos that are available on social media and accessible on the Kriyalab platform to their consultants on their hand phone.



Inglot wanted to have a series of videos that would not only show their range in each product category but also include an easy tutorial.



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