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Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are born out of the pursuit to make learning more engaging and transform linear storytelling into an active learning experience. Learners control “what to do next,” and watch the characters in the video respond to their decisions.


This permits branching, playing out consequences of making choices and watching events unfold through the eyes of different characters. You get to test and compare different options on the learning topics at your own pace. Being able to go one way, go back, choose another path and compare the consequences of each. Interactive videos engage learners in real time and puts them in the middle of the action. 

We can make live interactive videos or animated, whichever form enhances the learning experience best. 

Types of Interactive Videos


Shot on location, this type of interactive is great for showing the practical application of certain topics and practice decision-making.

Question & Answer

Generally shot in a studio environment, a presenter provides the audience with a bespoke experience through multiple choice question-and-answer. This can be an ideal solution for a behavioral change educational video..

A 360 Video is a digital resource that allows you to feel you are in the center of the action. An ideal tool for onboarding i.e. familiarization of premises or understanding how equipment works.

360 Degrees
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This video takes you into a company culture with scenes illustrating the company’s core values in an engaging way that was utterly relatable to its target audience. Although the film is light-hearted, it’s a test of values. Will you fit in? It’s a challenge and you must rise to it. And because of the interactions you are reminded of this again and again.

Keyboard and Mouse

What Else We Do

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