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Case Study

SENSE Hospitality

Every brand or business has a story. They all start with an idea and afterwards, the journey that transforms it from dream or concept to reality. The core, the essence of your brand or product is recorded inside that story which can be brought to life via storytelling. 



Sense Hospitality wanted to communicate the story of their company in an easy and attractive way whilst providing a strong narrative and a clear message to engage their employees. The client wanted a fresh approach to communicating their company history and sharing their vision and mission.


The KRIYA team developed creative directions for the video and filmed interviews with each head of the SENSE division. In post-production, stronger narratives emerged from recorded interviews, and good stories got even better.

Today, “Kisah Sense” is used as the primary on-boarding tool shown to all new hires across their company. The video has been uploaded on the Kriyalab platform and employees may access it whenever and wherever. 


Sense consists of various business units and “Kisah Sense” has provided a common thread that binds all employees together with one vision and mission.


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