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Train your employees, students, partners and customers online with Kriya Lab, our mobile learning app. With a highly intuitive interface, Kriya Lab is easy to use and learners can access information in a snap anywhere, anytime.

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5 mins on the MRT,
before that sales meeting, waiting for your ride or just before bed.

Kriya Lab is the perfect solution for learning  on the go and at your own pace.  Whether it’s during their commute, while working remotely or when deployed in the field, your learners have instant access to your courses.



A beautiful and intuitive interface.

Learners will intuitively know how to use Kriya Lab. It looks, feels and works just like any other app they use in their own free time.  

Kriya Lab makes it all fun, engaging and ideal for learning when and where we get the chance.

Make it personal.

Customise learning to individual needs and learning style.

Bundle and sequence various learning activities to create a personalised learning experience based on individual backgrounds, learning pace and knowledge gaps that need to be bridged. 

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Kriya Lab delivers your courses with mobile in mind and works on all devices, including your desktop. Our fully-featured LMS system is built for microlearning and offers world class analytics, tracking and insights.



Century Park Hotel Jakarta 12th Floor,

Jl. Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta

Indonesia 10270

Call us     : +6221-57852869

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