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kriya social


  • Create community and drive discussion through moderated forums.

  • Use newsfeed to inform learners of any updates or promotions.

  • Create a knowledge bank for learner FAQ

  • Just in time training through any form of user-generated content (video, jpeg, pdf etc.) including video and image recording.

  • Instant performance evaluation using assessment templates.

  • Give group/individual assignments.

  • Built-in quiz templates.

  • Digital gradebook to manage students' grades.

kriya social

Hi guys, have you finished the assignment already?
What did you think about ___?
Did you understand___?

KRIYA SOCIAL helps create community. Team members in various branches sharing ideas or follow-up to a course a group has attended in the form of discussions, sharing experiences, lessons learned and so on.

Can anyone help me do ___?
Where can I find ___?
Does anyone know ___?

Promote discussion and comments. Encourage employees to share their thoughts, knowledge, and experience on the job. Employees network, share, collaborate and exchange ideas to solve problems.

kriya social