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Case Study

SENSE Hospitality

Interactive videos transform the linear storytelling arc by letting viewers take the story where they want it to go. Interactive content outperforms linear video on many metrics including higher engagement, longer dwell time and a stronger sense of connection to the content.

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We decided to create something that took you inside the Sense culture with scenes illustrating the company’s core values in an engaging way that was utterly relatable to its target audience. Although the film is light-hearted, it’s a test of values. Will you fit in? It’s a challenge and you must rise to it. And because of the interactions you are reminded of this again and again.


The Sense Core Values interactive video has been uploaded to the Kriyalab platform where it is one of the required elements of the onboarding process.



Sense wanted to have an easy and above all relatable way to communicate their company values to their employees. The objective was to make sure new hires understand the fundamental values Sense is looking for in its employees.



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