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SENSE Hospitality

Case Study

Explainer videos are for organisations with a product, service, idea or cause that is intangible or perhaps complex. Explainer videos marry beauty with simplicity to create clarity and can take many forms with the animated version being the most popular.  Animated videos are generally preferred because they allow for more creativity to illustrate complex ideas in a simple, engaging, and meaningful way in less than 2 minutes.


Our process started by getting to know the brand and the type of audience the client was looking to engage. In this case, the video was to target hotel owners and management. After some research to understand hotel procedures, we then developed a tailor-made storyboard (which is similar to a comic book)  optimised to the client’s specific marketing goals.


The Kriya team’s aim was to craft a concept that was going to be remembered, something that belonged only to the Sense brand and weave around it a message that would resonate with people emotionally and personally.


The video was uploaded to the Sense YouTube playlist and the link sent to all their clients to introduce their new product range.



Sense needed a video to explain to their client base their new product range in response to  Covid-19. The idea was to seamlessly integrate new health & safety practices with how Sense could meet these needs with their range of sanitation and disinfection services. 



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